Katie Child

Meghan and Harry’s Oprah Interview and the Problems of Protocol –

Most hypothetical rulebooks of ‘appropriate’ royal behaviour probably don’t include sitting down with a chat-show host in a garden in California. However, Harry and Meghan have never represented the model image of traditional British monarchy. Their recent televised conversation with Oprah Winfrey – which touched on issues such as personal security, mental health and racism – prompted explosive reactions from the press and public figures, and even drew a reaction out of the Royal Family themselv

The parallel pandemic: how should we address the spread of misinformation and conspiracy theories?

Keeping up with current affairs is hard work these days – and the heavy subject matter is only half the story. In the past year we have witnessed earth-shattering political, social and economic upheaval, a sharp rise in the number of misleading news stories, and a general decline in public confidence in mainstream media outlets. Often, there is no guarantee that a claim we read or hear about online is true, false, or – most confusingly of all – somewhere in the murky in-between. Is this somethin

The limits of liberté: France's 'global security law'

At the end of November, returning to the UK on my way back from the first part of my year abroad, I passed through the Place de la Bastille and the Place de la République in Paris. Over the years these two squares have played host to thousands of people protesting against political and social injustice. A mere couple of hours after I had left, they were once again awash with protestors and police officers in full riot gear, silhouetted against a backdrop of tear gas and plumes of firework smoke.

Is reading ‘essential’? Europe divided over whether to keep bookshops open during lockdowns

Many of us love a good book, but should bookshops be classified as ‘essential’ establishments during a pandemic? As new lockdown restrictions are imposed across Europe, government ministers are reaching different conclusions on this controversial matter.

As Oxford students (particularly if you are of the humanities persuasion), our relationship with reading is often complicated. Even self-proclaimed bookworms have admitted to losing their love of reading after being holed up in the Gladstone Li

Enforcing égalité under lockdown: French businesses and Covid-19

When President Macron announced France’s reconfinement back on 28th October, the collective inward (and outward) groans of the French population were more than audible. Among the loudest expressing their opposition to the new measures were shopkeepers and other business owners.

After once again being ruthlessly divided into ‘essential’ or ‘non-essential’ categories, many of France’s businesses have been forced to close their doors until at least 1st December. Consequently, the long-running deba